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Who would have thought that The Beatle’s iconic Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover would now include images of Jessie Ware, Dave Grohl and Kylie? Well, after careful consideration and hours trawling through music magazines, blogs and personal paraphernalia, Freehand made it happen.

The Beatles inspired Stand-In (that’s the name for those seaside stick-your-face-in-the-hole-and-have-a-photo-taken stands) is just one part of the latest instalment in FACT’s Connects Space. Alongside this, Rip It Up is also giving FACT’s visitors the chance to design their own band t-shirt, create a pop-star hybrid using the Exquisite Corpse board and improve their music knowledge with the uniquely formulated Lets Get Quizzical.

For 2 months Freehand have worked tirelessly on coming up with activities that all ages can have fun with and share with their friends and families. From the questions for the quiz to the way the posters looked on the wall, Freehand have explored every aspect of how to make an exhibition space work.


Black and white giant posters line the walls and visitors are invited to write their response on the massive blackboard to questions such as, ‘What was your first record?’ and ‘Who is your favourite Artist?’ Paying homage to the poster-plastered bedroom walls of teenagers everywhere is the look that Freehand were going for when designing Rip It Up under the guidance of Well Made studio’s Joe Bramall.

This look has definitely paid off. The cover designs of the albums that have been kept a guilty pleasure for so long are being gingerly appreciated and favourite lyrics have been openly scribbled on the board (‘come on Barbie, let’s go party’ was a welcome shock).  The response is a feeling of pride of what you like and not a cringe in sight!


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TOLD YOU MAYAN CALENDAR!! Now we know 2013 is a go, Rebecca has prepared (pre-apocalypse) 10 reasons why the world should not end. And to be honest they are PRETTY GOOD reasons too.

-10 Reasons the World Shouldn’t End in 2012-

1)ARTPOP – New album by Lady Gaga
2)Catching Fire – The sequel to ‘The Hunger Games’
3)New series of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy
4)The fourth game in the Animal Crossing series – New Leaf
5)Internet sensations Dan and Phil are getting their own radio show on BBC Radio 1
6)The third installment in the ‘Iron Man’ series
7)’Les Miserables’ to come out in cinemas
8)New series of ‘Sherlock’
9)’The Mortal Instruments – City Of Bones’ To also come out in cinemas
(2013 will be a good year for films.)
10)FACT are doing a project with BFI, and we certainly wouldn’t want to miss that!

-Rebecca :)


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We all have something we look forward to during Christmastime, those little traditions that only you and your family and friends know about. So our avid photographer, Tom has decided to share with you the little moments that make Christmas personal to him.

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Where would Christmas be nowadays without the tradition of eating mince pies, fruit on our dinner, trees from outside brought indoors and especially the CHRISTMAS FILM!! So Matthew has brought together his top picks for you to choose from. Put your feet up, the fire on and enjoy a couple of hours stress free viewing time for the festive season.


Jingle All the Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Howard Langston a dad who is trying his hardest to get the perfect Christmas present for his son, this year’s hottest toy. Unfortunately all of the toys are sold out and Howard has to take drastic measures to give his son the perfect Christmas.


Die Hard

This film maybe only loosely linked to Christmas but it’s a movie that is being frequently watched in Christmas. John McClain must save his wife and several others who have been taken hostage at a Christmas party.


National Lampoons Christmas

Clark Griswold plans to have a big family Christmas. Disaster unfolds with a series of unfortunate events that hit Clarke and his family. Clarke tries to keep his hope in the Christmas bonus that should be arriving shortly.


When a boy from a small town breaks 3 important rules regarding his new pet miniature green monsters tear through the neighbourhood causing havoc and ultimately ruining Christmas.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Based on the story by Dr. Seuss about the Grinch and his hatred of Christmas. He devises a master plan to steal Christmas and becomes local menace in the town of Whoville

Home Alone 2

The sequel to the beloved festive film Home Alone. Here, Kevin is separated with is family once again but this time he’s lost in New York.


About the human that was raised as a elf in the North Pole who goes on a journey to find his father who lives in New York. He finds it hard to adjust to the big city.

Home Alone

When Kevin is left Home Alone two burglars who plan to break in to Kevin’s house stalk him. But Kevin arms himself with a air rifle and defends his home.


Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton writes and produced the story about the king of Halloween and how he wants to replace it with Christmas. He tries to get his friends from Halloween town to get involved


The Muppets Christmas Carol

For me this is my favourite. It combines all of our favourite Muppet characters and the story of A Christmas Carol with Michael Caine starring as Scrooge. The best film to get you in the Christmas mood.


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The Hunger Games: Review

The Hunger Games is originally a novel yet has a film adaptation: it is set in a fantasy post-apocalyptic future in the nation of Panem there is a rich centre named ‘Capitol’ surrounding is 12 small districts. Due to an anti-government rebellion each of these 12 districts must offer one boy and one girl to take part in ‘The Hunger Games’ as a punishment, each will fight to the death until only one is left victorious.

Strong female protagonist Katniss Everdeen, from district 12, is not chosen; yet volunteers in her younger sisters place.  Along with fellow district 12 inhabitant: Peeta Mellark they are both taken to the capital to train for the gruesome game show.

The film set the record for the third best opening weekend box office sales and remained in first place at the box office for 4 consecutive weeks.

Much controversy has surrounded the film despite its positive reviews from critics, people may argue that the age rating of 12A is not appropriate as the film covers many sensitive issues that minors may struggle with; the most obvious being death of other children the same age as the possible viewers, less noticeable but still there is the issue of segregation in how each district is separated. Young children may not understand this, causing problems.

The previous speculations to the similarities between ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Battle Royale’ as novels have now arose once again, however they have been mostly regarded as coincidence and unimportant when contrasting with how there themes also differ.

The film contains many possible allegories to issues such as politics, religion and how the world may work in general, these are seen to be intentional as the original novel is said to be taken from themes of reality television, Roman games and the Iraq war, yet none are brought to an indefinite conclusion.

As a film Jennifer Lawrence(Katniss) is credited for her performance. As is Josh Hutcherson(Peeta) winning two awards: ‘Breakthrough Performer of the Year’ and ‘Next Mega Star’. The soundtrack is in fact one of just 16 soundtracks to grace the top slot in the history of the Top 200.

In conclusion the film is a semi-violent tale with underlying themes that however being executed very well and in good taste may not be suitable for minors,  A sequel based off the second book in the trilogy is scheduled for November 22nd 2013 I myself am already waiting in excitement, however hoping it doesn’t become a Twilight-like gimmick.


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This looks very exciting, a delicious series of fantastic silent movies.

Just check out the link below to find out more.


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See this link for a new film competition for short films about Liverpool. You could win £1000!


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Freehand have been working very hard judging and shortlisting for this fantastic event. Make sure you get your tickets for Young Liverpool Film Night, 6th December 18:00-20:00 to check out Merseyside’s young filmmaking talent! Tickets can be bought at the FACT Box Office, or if you are a charity or youth organisation, please contact Louise Latter 0151 707 4444 for complimentary tickets. Shortlisted filmmakers will receive complimentary tickets for themselves and a few friends/family.

The shortlist is nearly confirmed and winners decided-all film makers who have submitted will find out their destiny by 6pm tomorrow (Friday 18th November)

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On November 12th Youtube and the BBC are running a project where people ALL over the Country film a day in their lives.  GET ON IT!
This is your chance to express yourself. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, your footage will feature in our online archive, and the more memorable your recording, the greater the chance of your material being included in the final film.

Films can be shot on anything from hand held-mobile phones to the best HD cameras. The higher the quality the better – but it’s the content of your film that really counts.
Some of the questions from director Morgan Matthews to get you thinking before you record your video include

- What do you like or dislike about Britain?
- What makes you happy?
- What can you see from your window and how would you describe your area?
- What do you worry about?
See here for more info

Louise :D

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‘Young Communicators’ programme at Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP).

The ‘Young Communicators’ programme is an exciting opportunity to work alongside a professional marketing team at the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse theatres, learning how to design, market, and promote theatre events.

Working with our Communications and YEP staff you will :

• Design and develop the visual identity (eg logo, branding) for YEP
• Assist with the official public YEP launch in January 2012
• Design flyers and posters for each YEP show
• Develop the marketing and PR campaign for the first YEP season of work.
• Design and write copy for the Everyman and Playhouse January season brochure.
• Develop the official YEP website
• Develop the YEP Newsletter and blog.

Email me ( if you are interested and I will email you more info.

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