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We are currently hosting the Second Light Tech Lab with First Light and Lime Pictures.  There are 8 participants and the aim is to significantly improve their camera and sound skills and their chances of employability in the TV & Film sector. The participants are blogging weekly and here is Dan’s video blog, a really nice insight into what they are learning.

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Hi everybody,

we are delighted to reveal the four films that were made as part of our First Light Film Commission.

we would like to thank Jackie Passmore and Alex Harrison who were our film mentors on this project and our fantastic facilitators Trish Hallam and Adam Cain, who kept everyone in order! I’d also like to thank Liverpool Youth Service, especially Tracy Ramsey & Patrick Graham-Patrick got so into it that he features in two of the 4 films!

They all gave 110% to the project and I think you can really tell by the quality of the films. The biggest thanks must go to the brilliant young filmmakers that we have here tonight. Their commitment, ideas and positive attitude meant that the project was fun, valuable and we created some brilliant films.

Of course, I must also thank First Light who funded us to deliver this project-they are funded by the national lottery-so keep on buying those lotto tickets!

The project ran over 7 weekends covering the whole filmmaking process, from idea development all the way through to editing.

So let’s see the films!

Et voila!

FACT & Freehand present 4 First light films.

These films were made by young people aged between 13 and 19 under the guidance of professional filmmakers. Supported by the Lottery through the BFI’s First Light Initiative.

To find out how you can get involved visit


This piece of video art follows a little girl who seems to be in demand. She has three fiendish characters chasing her through a multi-coloured backdrop.


A love story set in the everyday setting of a Newsagent. The two in question seem to like each other but do they control their own fate? There is a mysterious man who seems to have control……


A quirky comic strip following the exciting destiny of a young woman and her briefcase. Everybody wants what she has but why? And will they get it?


A moving film about a young woman who finds herself faced with her past through an ominous door. She goes through the door but where will it take her?










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Freehand worked in collaboration with We Colonised the Moon (Hagen Betzwieser Germany and Sue Corke UK) whose piece Enter at own Risk was part of our Winter exhibition Republic of the Moon.

The premise of the project was to create Moon landing buggies, but we would be designing them ultimately for disaster….

‘The moment of landing is the most precarious. When we send machines into space a crash is what we fear the most. Massive investments of time and resources in technology, hope and ambition, obliterated. But in art failure can be a beautiful concept, the stimulus of new possibilities, an iconic dramatic pivot.


We planned to design and make these buggies and film the crashes in high speed HD. Hagen and Sue even built a special catapult to fling the buggies!

Please watch our documentary of the project and the final, beautiful crashes.







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This looks very exciting, a delicious series of fantastic silent movies.

Just check out the link below to find out more.


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Hi Freehanders and friends of Freehand!


Just a quick note to say well done and thank you for all your excellent ideas and hard work at Freehand this year, we’ve had an excellent year, here are a few of the highlights…..

-Film Nation films, a lot of new young people joined Freehand after taking part in our Olympic inspired film making workshops. What made it even more special was that ‘Fight or Flight’ was nominated at the ‘Film Nation 2011 National Film Awards, although we didn’t win, we had a great day in London and it was fantastic to be nominated.

-2011 brought us the first Freehand Internships we’ve ever had, and they were FANTASTIC! Fran and Trish have been with us for 6 months and they really have been amazing at running our weekly sessions-so big thanks to them! Fran and Trish will come back in January for a farewell session as their internships have ended and they will moving onto pastures new-good luck FranTrish Freehand!

-YLFN, of course! We worked SO hard on this amazing competition, we are very proud-Freehand showed the region what fantastic and talented young people they are.

Hope all of our friends have a fabulous festive period, 

see you all in the new year for a marvellous 2012!

Louise and all of the Freehanders :)






























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Young Liverpool Film Night at FACT

Young filmmakers came together yesterday evening for the annual Young Liverpool Film Night.

Having pored over the entries (submitted by 13-19 year olds from all over Merseyside) and deliberated for the last few weeks, the Freehanders had managed to whittle the entries down to a final 9 films.

Once the audience were seated and Mike Stubbs, together with Freehanders David and Reuben, delivered introductions, Jones’ short Toy Wars kicked things off with subtly humorous and yet strangely haunting scenes of plastic militancy.

It is safe to say the laughs were many. The Boy Who Drowns In Rain by SLA Productions– in which a teenager with an upside-down nose and an androgynous wolf-faced mother highlights the difficulties resulting from his deformity – was perhaps the most successful on this front

The theme ‘Imagination’ tied the films together and led to a diverse array of media – from stopstart and hand-drawn animations to sand sketches and live action performances.

Safe to say that the laughter and applause from the audience served as testament to the remarkable creativity and talent behind the shortlisted entries.

Following the round-up, Freehander Helen announced the award categories; Freehanders’ Choice, Best film in response to the theme, Best direction, and The Audience Award.

Both highly commended and overall winners were named in each category (see below for the round-up).

The Audience’s Choice award resulted in a tie between The Boy Who Drowns In Rain and Precious by 20 Stories High youth theatre, and was settled with a clap-off that saw the audience stamp, clap, whistle and otherwise cheer for their favourite of the two.


List of winners

Freehanders’ Choice: Paper Tourist, by Jessica Jung

Highly commended:  An Interview with Mr Cannibal, by Harrison Travis


Best film in response to the theme: Open Book, by Charlotte Spencer

Highly commended: The Boy Who Drowns In Rain, by SLA Productions


Best direction in response to the theme: Rapunzel, by Kate Kalosza

Highly commended: Toy Wars, by David Jones


Audience Choice: The Boy Who Drowns In Rain, by SLA Productions


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Congratulations to all who were shortlisted, those who were highly commended and those who WON! The list is below. Also, a massive thanks and congrats to all the Freehanders who worked so hard for the last 6 months on this competition.


TOY WARS by David Jones




PRECIOUS by 20 stories high youth theatre


PAPER TOURIST by Jessica Jung




TEDDY TEA PARTY by Ellie Wellman


OPEN BOOK by Charlotte Spencer




RAPUNZEL by Kate Kalosza




FREEHANDS choice: Highly Commended-Interview with Mr Cannibal. Winner-Paper Tourist.


BEST DIRECTION: Highly Commended-Toy Wars Winner-Rapunzel.


BEST FILM IN RESPONSE TO IMAGINATION: Highly Commended-The boy who drowns in the rain. Winner-Open Book.


AUDIENCE AWARD: The boy who drowns in the rain


Photos to be up ASAP





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We’ve had a busy few weekends here at FACT, with Freehand, Clubmoor Youth, and some very inspirational filmmakers. One film we made involves goose fat the other is a viral film inspired by our very own city, LIVERPOOL. So much great footage and some amazing new skills to take home. Keep an eye out for the final cuts. We’ll put them up on here soon. Until then here’s a few pics from the ‘I’m Liverpool’ production.

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See this link for a new film competition for short films about Liverpool. You could win £1000!


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